Member Spotlight

Tony & Wynette McCrackin

Tony and Wynette joined Palm Valley Baptist Church in November 2018.  They were married on May 5, 2018 and finding a church home was important to them as they had both been active in their previous churches. They make their home in the Sanctuary neighborhood in Jacksonville Beach. Together, they enjoy traveling, concerts, and walks on the beach.  They both have fulltime jobs; Wynette works as a nurse practitioner (Geriatrics), and Tony is a production supervisor at IFF Chemical Holdings, Inc. 

Wynette grew up in southern Georgia and moved to Jacksonville as a young adult. She obtained her first degree from South Georgia College in Criminal Justice. She later pursued her education in nursing at FSCJ and continued to obtain a master’s degree from UNF as a nurse practitioner.  She accepted Christ as her savior while at church youth camp.  She was an active member of First Baptist Church of Jacksonville for many years.

Tony grew up on the westside of Jacksonville and attended Trinity Christian Academy.  He accepted Christ as his savior while on a high school science club field trip. After high school, he went to Liberty University, obtaining a degree in general biology.   While in college, he joined the United States Marine Corps and served in the reserves for seven years. He has just recently completed his master’s degree (also from Liberty University).  He has two sons from his first marriage who are both married to wonderful wives.  He has one grandson and one granddaughter.

Tony loves to tell the story of how he met Wynette.  After the break up of his first marriage, and in the dating scene for a few years, his mother gave him Wynette’s phone number. She had met Wynette many years earlier in Whitehouse Baptist church. His mother and Wynette’s best friend had been in cooperation to arrange a meeting between them, thinking they would be perfect for each other.  Wynette was reluctant to meet anyone after a recent divorce but gave into peer pressure. They met for dessert and coffee and the rest is history.

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